La Mar, World Cup

After sleeping on the Cruz Del Sur bus overnight with a short lunch stop in Lima, the World Cup kicked off and Liz and I rode the next bus to Mancora on June 11th. By the morning of June 12th we awoke not only to bosa nova pop song covers pumping through the speakers, but also by the sight of a vast, desolate desert. The visible roads peppered continuously with plastic bags and miscellaneous rubbage.

The transition between living in the rainforest and a metropolitan area begun. There are no geckos eating roaches off soap bars, or owl monkeys throwing fruit peels onto cabin roofs in a tropical coastal desert like Mancora, Peru. What better way to make the transition easier than to situate myself in a surf town?

The first three days were wobbly back on the board but I just kept eating a lot of fruit and fish and getting out there. Then the swell dropped a few days ago and it became the perfect environment for Liz to learn for me to teach my first lesson. It all went swimmingly.

Coincidentally all of this has coincided with my first attempt at constructing harmonica lessons. Someone heard me play the other night and is now paying me each day to give him lessons. “Old Man Pete” was so excited about learning that he really didn’t take no for an answer. Each day I give him some music and a lesson plan, then some homework for the rest of the day.

My major confession is that through all of this I have not taken out my camera… once. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s my form of culture shock, though I haven’t quite figured it out. It’s true that these places are fascinating, abstract and beautiful, but I can’t seem to find the motivation to document the life style around me. I’ll work on it.

Every day is filled with exciting World Cup matches and it seems that everyone in this town has shaped their lives around those games. Surfing lots… eating lots. I talked to some friends who own one of the local kite boarding shops about getting some gear soon…. Life is traveling at a tranquilo pace but filled with things to do.

Today’s sun set was quickly followed by two row boats spreading their nets in silhouette close to breaking shore. One last meal and then it’s off to bed so I can wake up for sunrise. Some things never change.


One Response to “La Mar, World Cup”

  1. Mom Says:

    Please, not kite surfing…please…

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