Winding down…

Even before I dragged my sleepy self out of bed this morning I was able to identify the soft chewing of an agutie, the monotonous call of the white throated toucan, the high pitched vocalization of saddle backed tamarin monkey and the ear-piercing shrieks of macaws. I love this place. I’m heading to Sachavacayoc tomorrow for two weeks to catch more them dem scurvy mosquitoes and will be out of the internet land once again. Just as well though. Nothing like clearing the mind then staying from the world’s best electronic distraction.

It was really hard to leave the Tambopata Research Station today for a myriad of reasons. I’ve managed to make a group of fantastic friends there and leaving today, knowing that I may not be seeing some of them again for a very long time, hit me like a ton of colpa bricks. My trip is winding down (one month left!!) and actually realizing this has been harder than I anticipated. But also spilling over in between my daily activities is the deep-rooted homesickness for my family and friends. Heck, I almost burst into tears the other day when I was putting the cap on my toothpaste that my Mother sent me.

I wonder how the culture shock will hit me… probably in many ways that I will not expect. What my “familiar surroundings” are at this point is blurry. I’m pretty sure I will be alright with not having rice and meat three times a day, or being run up trees by roving packs of overly-paranoid white-lipped peccaries. But, it will be so incredibly strange not speaking Spanish to those around me, being able to walk into the Amazon rainforest at my own discretion, and feeling like I have a purpose everyday inherently linked with conservation. One thing I do know: I’m coming back. Peru has become another home, and one does leave home forever.

In closing, here is a photo of a mosquito biting a rainbow boa. Fantastic. I’ll be back with more photos and stories in the first week of June, or as soon as I am able. A very sentimental entry, I know, but that’s just the kind of mood that I’m in. Take care amigos!


5 Responses to “Winding down…”

  1. Joan and Cliff Wray Says:

    We are enjoying your entries so very much, but also know the end of them will be bittersweet. For us, it means loss of a connection that we have loved having. We look forward to seeing you again for real and hearing more. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy what you have yet to share. You are having an amazing adventure! All our love – Uncle Cork and Aunt Joan

  2. On a more cheerful note, « For What It’s Worth Says:

    […] My Katie comes home in a month. What an adventure she’s had, battling nasty predators, worse insects and mean monkeys. But also, what a blessing that she had this opportunity to live and work with people who weren’t shooting at her or planting bombs to kill her. […]

  3. not so anonymous Says:

    Kat.. you may get this way late, but just now Target had an ad on TV featuring a wild peccary running through the jungle..quick fade to a bottle of BBQ sauce…I immediately thought of you of course…

  4. emma Says:

    I have also enjoyed your stay there and thank you for sharing it. I had a great visit with Liz and am so glad that you will be the first stop on her upcoming journey.

  5. Gideon Fountain Says:

    “[T]he soft chewing of an agutie, the monotonous call of the white throated toucan, the high pitched vocalization of saddle backed tamarin monkey and the ear-piercing shrieks of macaws”.

    Ok, so that sounds like an interesting way to be woken up, but what about MY daily experience? The low rumble of Brunswick Private School-for-young-rich-kids diesel buses that mysteriously start at 6 AM, the high-pitched whining of a rare Guatemalan leaf-blower, the high-pitched squeal of the air-brakes on a passing 4-ton dump truck, or the low, thumping base of the ultra-expensive, aftermarket stereo installed in the brand-new Acura of my neighbor’s teenage son, Billy McCaw, Jr.?

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