Some more details about our stay at Sachavacayoc…

Alison and my quaint little cabin had a few other residents including bats,  geckos,  and a tarantula I named fuzzy butt.

Funny story about Ms. Fuzzy Butt. We removed her from the room once we found her but she kept coming back. One time when I was washing my hiking boots in a bucket I put them aside to dry while I took a little nap on the boardwalk.  When I accidentally tipped over the boot  little (er..big) Ms. Fuzzy Butt crawled right out.  It seemed that she had joined me for my boot washing adventure.  I was overly grateful that I hadn’t put my hand inside the boot and given her the opportunity to bite me.

There were so many tiny wonders at Sachavacayoc, but the one that captivated me the most was watching a colony of army ants raid a leaf cutter ant colony.  The army ants were like a never ending flow and little black bodies and legs moving like a silent river down into the depths of the leaf cutters colony.  The Atta colony seemed helpless to the onslaught and didn’t even bother to defend their home.  In fact, they carried on as usual moving organic matter from the outside world.  It puzzled me as to why the army workers of the Atta were not fiercely defending their larva as they were being carried off.  After all, each one would later be turned into food or be enslaved.  Ants….how brutal.   There is no need to point out the obvious comparison to another species we are so familiar with….

So, I’m heading back to TRC tomorrow for more mosquito collection and then back to Sacha for 14 days. In other words, I will be out of the internet world once again after this.   It has been a crazy ride here in the amazon..and part of me knows that really, it has just begun.


5 Responses to “Mas”

  1. ADRIAN & ANSLEY Says:

    we have been following your adventures and feeling a bit worried but now WE ARE WORRIED. Don’t those tarantulas have a pretty deadly venom? …this puts Indiana Jones to shame. Presumably it is useless to say ‘take care’ as you would ignore it anyway.
    ciao A&A

  2. liz Says:

    This picture is beautiful (the tree is nice too) 🙂

  3. Katie’s back to posting « For What It’s Worth Says:

    […] back to posting Jump to Comments My beloved daughter Katie is back from the deepest jungle and has Internet access again. Of course I think her blog is fascinating, but I do recommend it for any of your own kids, high […]

  4. your Aunt Says:

    welcome back! I am teaching mom skype tomorrow…. so expect a call. When would be good?

    • katfountain Says:

      Oh Lauren, it makes me so happy to know you are with her in Connecticut! Sad news: the internet here is not all that wonderful so I don’t think I will be able to skype. Maybe we can g-chat or chat on Skype instead of speaking?

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